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iPhone troubles? We have the solutions!

We understand that your iPhone is more than just a device, it’s a part of your daily routine.

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Experienced Team Members

Our experienced team members provide fast and reliable repairs.


We deliver high-quality services that guarantee customer satisfaction every time.

Usage of OEM Accessories

Our repairs use only OEM accessories for top-notch results and durability.



Years Experience

Your iPhone deserves the best care!

iPhones have become our constant friends, but they are also delicate and easily damaged. But don’t fret! We specialize in iPhone service at UniverCell, and we’re here to help! Instead of purchasing a new phone, send your injured phone to us in Ontario, Canada, and we will repair it. Our skilled techs use cutting-edge tools and methods to repair your phone and restore it to working order.

We understand how tempting it is to fix your phone on your own, but believe us when we say it’s the worst thing you can do. Don’t put yourself in danger of inflicting more harm! Leave it to us, and we’ll fix it at the most competitive rates in town. You can rest assured that your phone is in safe hands with UniverCell.


Repair & Upgrades Made Easy

Water Damage

Have you dropped your iPhone in the water and need a repair? Look no further! We have your back. You can count on us as we are ready to recover your phone.

Screen Replacement

A cracked glass display can harm you in more ways than you can imagine. Bring your broken screen to us and get it replaced with an original screen.

Battery Replacement

If your battery health is getting too low, then it means you need to replace it as soon as immediately. We can replace all models of iPhone batteries.

Charging Port Issue

Repairs With Procedure

The Reviews

Positive Reviews From Customer

Vanessa Argudo
Vanessa Argudo
I got an iPhone 14 screen protector and case, great quality and service!
María Verónica Moran
María Verónica Moran
Good services ! Abdul Gaffar and Mudassir was Very helpful for my phone 11 pro max and camera lens protector . It was installed perfectly. Thanks
Julian Demiglio
Julian Demiglio
great customer service. great selection of cases and screen protectors. They also do repair for iPhones and Samsungs
Excellent service and really great prices ! Screen protector and case were added at a discount as well
Mike Annibale
Mike Annibale
My wife and I always go to these guys when we need accessories for our phones. I just bought a new Iphone and immediately went to see Mudassiz. Absolutely great service and great quality accessories. He never tried to sell me anything I didn’t need. He did however make suggestions for what would work best for my phone. As usual, he was right and I’m very happy using my new phone with the protective gear I bought for my phone. Accessories included privacy screen protector, camera lens protector, durable outer case, and super charging head. All for a very reasonable price also!
mike hazime
mike hazime
Always amazing service
romi s.
romi s.
excellent service and professional application!!!
Great customer service, very helpful and professional 👏🏾 👍🏾